Getting Error Message on my Computer when Accessing Web page - "A newer version of Adobe Flash Player is required. Please install the latest version from HERE"

Hi. I have just setup my First Eufy Cam (The long one). When I go to the web page login for Eufy - and login - I get the error message -
“A newer version of Adobe Flash Player is required. Please install the latest version from HERE”.
I use Chrome but get this same message with Edge and Firefox.
I know there is an issue with Flash - and that its ending at the end of this year. Each time I log in to see my cameras - I first have to left click the Lock up in the top left hand corner of the page - then Click Flash - and then Click “Allow”. I am then asked to Reload the page and then I finally get access to my cameras.
I was hoping that there is an easier method to do this rather than this process every time I log in.
Hope someone can help please?
Thanks …

I don’t own the camera.

I see two aspects. Eufy shouldn’t really be using any Flash on their pages, as you rightly state it’s old software. But until Anker do that, you need a browser setting to stop it asking you.

I assume you need flash for other sites? So a blanket disable probably isn’t your most helpful approach, so some kind of site-specific blocker?

Disable flash at specific sites

I normally use Internet Explorer should I need to access the cameras via a browser but like @professor has already mentioned they really, really need to move away from Flash…its old, often can be insecure and goes end of life with mainstream modern browsers by the end of this year…

Thank You both for your replies - appreciated!!
I tried Internet Explorer and it seems this is the only browser where I don’t have to do the “Flash” workaround. Thanks for that …

I totally agree about Anker not using Flash. This was exactly the same issue with Arlo (Who I am happily rid of).
They need to get their skates on and do something as we only have 6 months left.
I guess the more that we talk about it here, the more Anker may take notice of!! We can only hope …