Getting a replacement after warranty (18 months)?

I got the Astro 3E around 4 years ago and when I plugged it into my iPhone it would always say “not charging”, but the power would decrease slower. I thought all power banks were like that, so I stopped using it after about a month. Now, during my spring cleaning, guess what? I found my old anker power bank. After using dozens of power banks, I’m pretty sure mine was defective. Is it still possible to get a replacement after the 18 month warranty?

Hi @sjiang88 sorry to hear about your power bank issues. As it is older than 18 months I would say most likely it would not be replaced under their warranty (unless under extreme circumstances that they were aware of a defective batch) which could be cross referenced with your serial (which I am not aware of any being mentioned).

Feel free to reach out to with your concerns though.

I’d just say buy a new one they have come a long way in those 4 years :wink:

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Knowing Anker, probably.

This is ridiculous, a perfect powerbank if not used for 4 years will degrade, buy a new one.

Well if we’re complaining about 4 year old batteries, can Anker replace these socks too, they are only 4 years old too. I also have a 10 year old t-shirt looking very frayed. :smirk:

Shes got another 4 years left in her.

Lol - You really took your socks off for this? AMAZING!!!

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