Get Double Defense for your iPhone 7

Buying an iPhone screen protector is an often perplexing process.

The marketplace is crowded; with a wide range of companies, making a wide range of claims, using a wide range of terminologies. Shopping for this common, yet mysterious protective film can often be reminiscent of buying snake oil in the days of the Wild West.

Regardless, it’s a purchase that’s absolutely necessary for the majority of us. The brand new and shiny $749+ iPhone 7 requires adequate protection to help maximize performance and minimize risk of damage.

There are certainly low quality protectors on the market, with common issues including: bubbles, oil contamination from fingers, poor scratch resistance, and weak adhesion.

A low quality screen protector will ultimately give you a lower standard of protection.
But, tada that’s where Anker rides in on our trusted steed…

Anker GlassGuard with Double Defense is our brand new protector for iPhone 7, designed especially to combat common issues that afflict other protectors.

Double Defense is attained by providing a larger portion of super-protective, reinforced glass on top of a second layer of glass. Innovative design ensures that your iPhone 7 gets unbeatable screen protection, while also looking beautiful and retaining original viewing clarity and smooth glide.

Specially selected Japanese glass features anti-smudge, anti-scratch and anti-glare properties. Installation has also been simplified, with minimum fuss and no bubbles.

Like what you see? How do you find the perfect screen protector for your phone?
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Really like Anker Screen Protector for iphone. Anker Can you make Screen Protector for Samsung phones

Thank You


Hi everyone, we’ve also have Double Defense GlassGuard for iPhone 7 Plus now! Click here to take a look at the Deals for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Double Defense GlassGuards and Classic Cases (US ONLY).


this item is really amazing! it applies easily and protects your phone really well.