Get a Little Something From Us This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Nebula fans!

Believe it or not, there’s more to Thanksgiving than succulent roast turkey, delicious mashed potatoes, and perfectly-baked pumpkin pie. And we’re not even talking about those bumper Black Friday bonanzas.

Thanksgiving offers us the opportunity to share stories, memories, and moments with our loved ones. And while you tuck into your fabulous feast, you can share in the thrills and spills of the Thanksgiving football game with your Nebula Capsule pocket projector. After dinner, you can entertain the kids with movies in another room, giving the adults some precious time for a post-dinner nap.

Don’t have a Capsule yet? Well, you’re in luck! To celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re giving 20 people the chance to win all of their money back if they purchase Capsule between November 13th and November 29th.

All you have to do is create a short 10-15-second video of your family and/or friends enjoying Capsule and share it on Facebook and Instagram.

The full list of rules is down below. Good luck!


  1. Buy your Capsule mini projector from or on Amazon from AnkerDirect between November 11th and November 29th, 2019. (Make sure you have proof of your purchase, which can be in the form of the order ID or invoice.)

  2. Create a 10-15-second video of your family and/or friends enjoying your brand-new Capsule.

  3. Share your video on Instagram using the hashtag #Nebulathanksgiving or on Facebook by tagging @nebulaprojectors in your post.

  4. The first 20 users who send an email to with a screenshot of their uploaded social media video and proof of purchase will win a full refund for their Capsule mini projector.

  5. We will announce the winners on our Facebook and Instagram accounts at 12:00 PM PST on November 30th. We will contact all winners directly via email.


  • Fake referrals and use of bots are strictly forbidden. Users suspected of cheating will be disqualified.
  • One social media post is permitted per purchase. If you buy 2 or more Capsule projectors and your video is in the top 20, you will only be refunded the cost of 1 projector.

Wow, this is a very generous offer!

Hope @AnkerOfficial can update us with how many “spots” are left. Not sure if my family wants to be on video for the world to see! :joy:

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  1. Buy nebula capsule
  2. See if you get selected for a refund

If selected…

  1. Be happy and celebrate!

If not selected…

  1. Return nebula capsule

does this count for users buying / returning?


Here’s the thing. The person wouldn’t return it, unless the lost. So you can’t really be disqualified.

There’s no real way to stop someone from doing this…


good point!

It s a great contest nevertheless, thank you @AnkerOfficial

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My thoughts too.
Glad I’m not the only devious one :wink:


It’s a race for delivery too.
Order 00:01 on the 11th for me would be delivery on the 13th at some point…no doubt the last delivery of the day :grimacing:
Perhaps the only guarantee would be to sit outside Amazon’s distribution warehouse instead of waiting for delivery.

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Nice giveaway! maybe next year I can buy it :joy:

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No social media!



Suggestion for Anker. Wait till return window is over before handing out refund amount. :money_mouth_face:


Nice deal for those looking to buy one.

Personally I won’t be taking part.

Good luck to all those entering :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Great idea @AnkerOfficial
Ow the race begins. 20 spots is easy to fill up in first few days. Mostly they are gone by now.


Great contest, too bad I won’t be able to participate. But good luck to those who do :+1:

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grat opportunity!

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I should have put more attention to this, I did not realized that it was about the first 20 that send the email. I thought It was about selecting the 20 with the best video. You can always go on social media and look for the hashtag and see if more that 20 videos have been uploaded.

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There is only one post so far from @Matt_Tabor (hope I am correct here )




I only found one on Instagram also, but I was not able to find the facebook onces

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