German regulators outlaw facebooks whole ad business



Monetizing people’s intimate personal details is always going to cause this problem.


Anyone that uses facebook hoping to keep their personally loaded information secret is a fool. The trade off to store and use their services free of charge is to sacrifice information that they can use to make money.

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but its a whole new level of loss of privacy. So the first “free” service like say gmail, traded running the servers for having targeted adverts relevant to your emails, google search is the same thing, trading intellectual property of Google to find over time good matches to your needs to be sold to advertisers who are told they will be in front of only those customers most likely to buy.

Facebook is moving it up to they simply selling your data.

Companies are probably using and selling my data but I use an ad-blocker so I never see ads

I found this tweet interesting. Ever wonder why the Facebook website runs so slowly? It’s because of all the extra, unnecessary code to evade ad-blockers.


Which is why you use as blocker blocker!

my phone told me Facebook was massively battery drained and just de-installed it. I have used FB for 10 years but last months simply totally stopped. Once it was clear it’s intentions, it became:

That’s the peak of an iceberg.
All social media, google as well is collecting data.
Why it’s free? How do they make their money?
Of course selling data.

What really makes me angry and I have mentioned this: :rage:

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you NEED that fakebook to sign in.

Or am I wrong about this?