[GER] Newsletter Codes wanted

Hey guys,
Sadly I’m still subscribed to the US newsletter. Could you give me the latest German codes, so I can buy a portable charger which is not so expensive.
Thanks and einen schönen 3. Advent

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I haven’t got any codes recently. :disappointed:

The PU-codes I got are personal ones, if I activate those, I have to go for these items.

I don’t know which kind of offers you got via PU.
Those are differing of course from PU to PU.

Auch Dir & allen anderen hier in Deutschland einen schönen 3. Advent!

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I believe he’s referring to the emails that we get and none of the ones are for Germany.

Sadly my friend it seems that those coupons are few and far between the next email sale

i remember I got emails which were offering a code for sales at AMAZON.de. But not in the last time.

Yeah the last German Mail I got was from November

On the UK pu page, it went blank a course days ago.

Just wait until the sales

Pu page and news codes are totally different. The op is asking for codes that come up on sales and via email.