Hi can you tell me if this function actually works, I have set the peramter of the house and was under the impression it will automaticall come on once I leave the paramter, but this is not the case at all. It works regardless if I am away or not. Have I set something up incorrectly?

nope, its lists it in Beta on app, but i think most people on here have said the same. Its like it does not detect your location, so you can arrive home and only way to chance profile for me is to go into settings for it, press save and then it seems to realise im home so chances. Same for when away. Real shame cause if this worked it be perfect way for me to manage me in and out the house and alerts.

It works occasionally for me. Can’t rely on it though.

I have only just got the eufyCam 2C a week ago and have setup the geofencing which it has been working fine. There is a lag when coming home and having it turn off (Disarmed mode by Geofencing) Sometimes takes a few minutes other times around 60 seconds. I found that making the geofencing radius Medium or Large helped with detection on coming home. Leaving home has been fine and notification come through that the system is armed.

App version v1.8.1_559
Bassation v2.1.0.9
Camera v1.6.1