Geofencing with guest users?

Now with Geofencing available in the official Eufy Security iOS app finally, there is just one question that remains open for me at the moment:

I have shared my cams with my wife, so she’s using an own account with guest access. I can enable Geofencing in my iPhone, but I see no way how my wife’s iPhone can be activated as Geofencing trigger device as well.

Do I really have to use my account on her phone, or would it also work if I use the “Upgrade” function to enable her account with admin rights?

Somehow I don’t really like both ideas because she’s not the same security freak that I am, and I would have quite a bad feeling with enabling full admin access on her phone… :smiley: So I would really prefer if guests could be enabled as Geofencing triggers.

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Where are you setting up geofencing in the App?

How about any user? Can you have 2 admins using geofencing?

Im waiting for my 2c to show up any day now! But I’m using Arlo cams until then and even they make you use an Admin. account on both for it to work right so not sure if that helps any…

Well, sort of :slight_smile:

After I upgraded my wife’s guest access, she can configure herself as Geofencing source, and I now see both iPhones in the device list. Interestingly only in HER list, not in mine, i.e. on her phone I see my and her phone in the list, on my phone I still see mine only.

Haven‘t tested wheather it actually works correctly now.

I would remove her and invite again with full access

It’s supposed to be under the Security tab but I don’t see anything (I see it mentioned in help and it shows up in the screenshot on the app store).

Im not seeing it either I do have the new firmware adding homekit but no geofencing

I have 2 devices in geofencing. But the phone of my wife will not be updated by leaving the geofencing section. I must always disconnect my account and log in again.


with you geofencing configurations the cameras turn on when you leave home or turn off when you arrive home? Becasue, I’m not able to configure that option in my EufyCam E.