Geofencing slower with new Samsung phone.

Hi everyone - I recently bought a new Samsung A10 [Android 9] to replace my S6 running Android 5. With the Samsung S6 geofencing used to be instant - as soon as I left the area I received a notification that it had switched to ‘away’ mode, which is what we need because the last time we were robbed someone had been sitting and waiting for us to leave. With the new Samsung A10 it now takes 10-30 minutes before the system switches to away/home mode. usually if I open the app to change it manually because it is taking too long it immediately switches modes, as the app is opened. I have tried all sorts of settings, power saving mode, notification, location permissions… the thing is that it still works, it just happens too late and I really think it muse be something with the new Android version because with my old phone notifications were instant. Any suggestions?

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For the Geogencing feature, could you please let us know your eufy account? And the firmware version on your Homebase device.

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Hi, the homebase, serial no T8010H131941001A, says the firmware is up to date. System version 2020-03-21 12:34:26 account .
I have worked out that it appears to be an issue with GPS location because when I got home yesterday I instantly got a notification “someone has been spotted” when I was walking down the driveway - I went inside and after 15 minutes I got the notification “Geofencing has been switched to Home mode”. It must be something to do with GPS refresh information.

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Please provide the information to teh support email, so we can have the specialist to follow up this case from the email end.

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Thank you - I find the support for Eufy cam is very good :slight_smile: