Geofencing in the Eufy Security App - where is this Option?

Hi there,
I finally got delivered the Eufy Cams yesterday. Everything worked fine so far, but apparently there is no Geofencing option, although when I ordered it via Kickstarter there was (and still is to be found now on the Kickstarter page!) a clear statement regarding Geofencing:

Does the system support geofencing?
Yes, the system supports geofencing. Once the user enables geofencing, the system will utilize the user’s smartphone’s location information to determine if he or she is home or away.

Now, with Geofencing missing the Camera is actually useless to me. I don’t want to turn it on and off manually when I leave and enter the house. Unfortunately so far I can see once you bought something via Kickstarter you can’t give back the product in order to get your money back.

Very frustrating…

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@AnkerOfficial can you please let us know if geofencing will be an option in the upcoming release ? Also, it looks like a lot of people are having issues with eufycams. It might be good to have someone from eufycam support team to get active in the community and address some of the questions.

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Yes, we’ve noticed that. We will invest more support resources from eufy security team to help you guys out. We’ve uploaded a eufyCam FAQ post. You check it out and let us know your unaddressed questions under that thread!