Has anyone else done this. I found it fun to do with my son.

Did it once as a child, but I’ve never done it since.

Geocaching is a lot of fun! I wish I had more time for it.

You mean Pokemon GO?

Yes, it was the first geolocation ‘game’ we did. We have about 300 finds. We kinda stopped playing once we discovered Ingress but still dabble occasionally. It’s a great way to get kids outside, and you can also find out a lot about your local history too.

I did it for a while. It was fun!

I’ve been a geocacher since 2006, belong to an area group and attend geocaching events twice a year at state parks.
i’m not nearly as active as i used to be but do look up caches when visiting new places just to log a few finds.
i still have 5 active caches hidden