GaN Vs Silcon

Now I know this is from a competitor, but I think it’ll help some better understand the tech behin the new GaN chargers.


please please please do something with new topics…
We get 1 line to type any messages in, when doing so on a mobile.


@MacBlank change the keyboard your using or browser because I have no issues typing on mobile

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Not much better, just 2 lines, changed browser, and both keyboards give the same 2 lines

I haven’t tried creating a topic but I get the same space when I reply so I think it might be an issue when you’re creating a topic

Yes it is, as can be seen in my 2 photos/screenshots.

Replying is easy, it’s new topics that are tiny.

Yeah I see what you mean, for me I get 3 lines… But your point is still valid that we need more space

I use that Samsung keyboard (qwerty) with my tablet.
First line really!!! small numbers, then 3 lines letters.

Thanks for posting this and idk how to solve your other problem