Gaming laptop or gaming desktop?

I am looking into getting a gaming computer for animation, gaming, video editing ETC. and I can’t decide between a desktop and a laptop, as I was looking through tons of both of them I realized that gaming laptops are

  1. Less power full then desktops.
  2. They seem to cost more.
    But they are also portable, so I can’t decide, desktop or laptop? please let me know.

Anything intensive such as video editing, gaming or animations…desktop all the way my friend, unless you need to undertake on the go. More power, better prices (shopping around) and more upgradable going forward…


I totally agree with ndalby- Gaming desktops almost always provide more power at a better price than gaming laptops (think “mobile” processor versions, limited space, etc.

Right now, the price of certain desktop components (mainly graphics cards) has skyrocketed due to bitcoin. So, at least for now, it might even be worth it to buy a pre-built Gaming PC.

Here’s a good gaming laptop- I recommended it to someone who needed a new laptop, and they love it. (One complaint- the fan, at max speed, is slightly “rattly”, but only if you hold the laptop at a certain angle. Here’s the laptop: Was originally $700, the price might come down.

Hope this helps!


P.S. I just built a gaming pc for about $800- here’s my part list. Great for video editing, gaming. bitcoin mining, etc.

Good luck!


Totally agree with the above posts. Editing video/photos or anything intensive is much easier on a bigger monitor, with a higher spec pc. Desks are much cheaper to spec high, and do not come with the inherent cooling issues that laptops to.

Unless you really do need to do you editing/creating on the move, get a desktop.

If you need a hand, feel free to post what sort of budget/spec/useage you have and many people here can give you advice.


Desktop only.
Power means speed. Speed means heat.
A desktop has all the fans to exhaust this heat.
And if there is something broken (eg graphic card) you can change this easy.


I agree with everyone, desktop is your best option. You can have an ultra powerful processor that can handle multiple task over a mediocre scaled down processor for laptops. You can also have a high powered graphics card or even a dedicated video processing card to help with that task and it would still be world’s better than any laptop. With added power comes increased heat, so you can air cool or even go the route I always do and water cool your processor and graphics or video processing card. This allows you to so more longer and faster


What they said :computer: :arrow_up:


absolutely agree with the first comments


I would go with all others here currently and suggest a gaming desktop solely for the adaptability factor. If you get down the road and need a faster system it will be easier to slap in a few parts as opposed to needing to purchase a whole new system. On that note, I am also not against refurb systems for a good price. Woot is a good one, they are owned by amazon and are essentially further discounted items that are not selling well for amazon. Here is a nice example of one on sale currently.


I second using Woot!! For purchases, I have been buying from them since before Amazon owned them and have never had an issue

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Desktop all the way. But if you have money to burn, then a laptop is nice for the obvious portability. If you really have money to burn, then get both :smiley:

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Well if money is burning a hole in their pocket they can always build their own laptop, some of them can even be built using desktop processors. . But that’s talking serious money

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In agreement with Desktop, just depends on if you have a requirement for it to be portable or not. Will you be using it in an office environment or wanting to complete tasks anytime / anywhere (within limitations)

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Well I am usually on the move so I need it to be potable, but for the difference in price and power, I just don’t know (And yes I am looking for the cheapest option also)

Ok, you need to think about when you will most likely be doing the power hungry tasks on your device (Graphic intensive gaming, video editing etc). Are you likely to be doing these tasks when sitting on a train? In a public space?
If you are more likely to simply to browsing the web, doing admin and such on the move, then buy a high powered desktop, and a cheaper laptop for on the move.

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Believe it or not, Walmart is actually a pretty good place to look for a gaming laptop. Their contracted sellers database (think amazon and 3rd party sellers) sometimes has some nice deals. A few years ago I managed to score an IBuypower high end computer for $500. Had a warranty issue with the power supply and the tech was blown away I got it essentially 60% off. Just have to set a price point and look around, there are deals. A lot of the gaming laptops are all similar in specs (unlike desktops where its all over the place)

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I’d say… Desktop.


All my mates that are gamers, use desktop. Mainly that a laptop with the same.power costs a lot.more and your generally sat a desk/table, so no a laptop…

The price of a decent gaming laptop like Alienware is loads, where as you can buy a decent gaming keyboard, wireless mouse (most I know use them.larger roller ball mices!) And sound … We’ll all the components for less.

Plus upgrading the video card, sound card, and ram, is cheaper than laptop sized.

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As a sub note…

There are all-in-one computers. More portable than a desktop, as it’s all in the screen.

Also, what games are you wanting to play?

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Really depends on your needs:

  • Grab and go: then laptop for portability.
  • Grab and go: mini ITX custom built or bought + cheap $300 LCD
  • Powerhouse: desktop + a nice 34" curved LCD with GSYNC

What’s your budget? What’s your requirements?

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About $500 - $700 And I need it to be able to run Adobe Photo Shop, Blender, Maya, Adobe premiere, And games like
Fortnite Battle Royale, Mine-craft, Battle grounds, Grand theft auto. ETC.