Game Alert: Name that band using only Emoji's

So this is how the game works. One person starts with an emoji. Like this…

:gun::gun: :rose::rose:

Next people guess what band that’s supposed to be. Once the band is succesfully guessed someone else posts a new set of emoji’s to make another band name and the game continues.

You have to have been living in a closet for the last 30 years if you can’t guess my band but go for it!!

Guns and Roses

:hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:

10 characters

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

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A band from my youth!

and another one


Too easy! :grin:

First one is The Monkeys. (Edit: should be The Monkees)

The Monkees and the Pussy Cat Dolls?

Not the Pussy Cat Dolls.
This was a band which was popular in Europe only, long time ago :grin:

Another one


Correct !

Ten characters

That one’s The Doors

Here’s one for 80’s kids…

:bee: :police_car:

The Cats, there a Dutch band of I remember correctly


ok too simple - justin bieber :joy:




@Jesse_Hernandez1 Imagine dragons?


Yes! 6 points! :wink:



:bird::bird: (y)



That’s enough for a summer weekend!

That easy huh😂

I’ll make you guys work for the next one.

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Yes, as I will try to find bands from the 60-70-ies! :smile:

This one might be too easy…


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blink 182 :speak_no_evil: