Gallery Section for Anker Community!

Soundcore Collective community has a very attractive and interesting section - Gallery, which showcases various Soundcore products with themes such as Spring, Work at home and more

Anker community should incorporate this Gallery feature in This community here!

There are some excellent pics uploaded in form of reviews and in weekend activities by various members

Some recent examples from:








@AnkerOfficial do you think we can get a Gallery Section for Anker Community?

Also, have this section without any Powerbucks…just to keep this simple and as a showcase of Anker / Sister company products in the form of photos.

Creating a poll to get a fair opinion

  • Yes, we want a Gallery Section for Anker product highlights
  • No, we are fine without a Gallery Section

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Let’s wait for more opinions from everybody.

How does everyone think of having a Gallery here? :wink:

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I like the gallery, and would like to see it here!

Only difference, is I would like to have it not have points / bucks for posting there. I think that would help people only upload more creative and fun content (rather then just posting for points)


There should be some rules.

Only one photo or photomontage per month.

Then only those who had published
a photo start a voting for the best one
which will be honored by a donation.

This will diminish the huge piles of photos as we see at soundcore’s gallery.

Some competition is always good. :smile:


The only rule needed is no Powerbucks… this will ensure only quality uploads :blush:

May be Anker can have monthly competition for which upload gets Max likes or may be a poll or so on these lines…

But the initial request is to first have a “Gallery in Anker Community”

There should be prize and a limitation of photos uploaded per month.
One is enough.
Otherwise we will get the same pile of similar (identically) photos (soundcore gallery)

Starting a gallery without any rules I would not do, this will end up in a mess.


Great idea @Shenoy
I’ve got quite a few pics o can upload.
Could there be sub sections for each type? PowerLine, PowerCore etc?

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Agree with that @TechMan
Only in that i have quite a few pics if like to share and wouldn’t want to be seen as taking advantage.

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Would like to see the Gallery make an appearance here (and think its been requested before). My hope would be having some rules in place similar to what has already been mentioned, as the SC gallery sometimes looks like someone has discovered how to use the office photocopy machine in hope of a biscuit or donuts reward :laughing:


  • Limit to one/two photo per day
  • No re-posting of previous photos (unless part of a montage)
  • Preferably no points / powerbucks
  • Weekly upload of the week based off a vote with suitable powerbuck reward for end user / publish to social media

too much!
This will lead to a chaotic pile of photos.(soundcore!)
One per week?


Or maybe sub folder or categories would help.
Chargers (plug in and wireless)
Cables (different variations maybe)
PowerCore (capacity)

And maybe instead of point or bucks @AnkerOfficial maybe gives a nod to photo of the week?
A pat on the back for recognition as opposed to being a points gathering exercise.

I can see this becoming bigger if Anker allowed video uploads - how to videos?
How to reset a PowerCore or Bluetooth speaker etc, this would maybe take some of the queries away from @AnkerSupport?

Brain power exhausted, I’m off for a snooze :rofl:


Problem is with one per week is that you might have several interesting photos per week of your product in use (one with excellent scenery, sunshine, day trip etc) which would end up being stockpiled (or maybe just forgotten)…plus adding too much of a cap could possibly work against uptake of the gallery…

The drive behind the occasional (or growing) photo chaos on the Soundcore gallery is that it can be an easy way to boost your leaderboard position by an extra 20 points a day, by posting and then sharing on social media…that and there is no archiving (which is really needed)



I was proposing this. But nothing happened, so there is still such a mess.
Claro, some use the publishing of photos only to increase points etc.
So no more points should be given for simple publishing.

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I agree that having a gallery would be awesome, but also like the idea of some limits in place. I’ve seen some of Anker’s own product images being uploaded to the SoundCore library. :confounded:
Perhaps something like a reverse Google Image search could be integrated to make sure the image isn’t being copied.

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It’s only software Ryan.

If I take a photo of an item and I am using only a little bit of change?
It will still be from the “image” the same, but I dont think that such a software will detect this kind of “equality”.
Such double posts can be easily detected by humans and if there is no vote for those, this behavior will stop soon.
So some contest and something to win there is necessary, but of course not as its done at sc’s gallery, donating points for each photo.
That’s really a …

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@AnkerOfficial Pei, opinions have started coming in - quite positive so far :smiley:

May be you can enjoy the Labor day holidays next week and check on these the week after :slight_smile:


Gallery is nice to have!
Just one per day
No daily rewards
Weekly top 3 photos get rewards
There should be a way to archive, search by category/product …
Obviously, photos selected for publishing on social media and else where by Anker will get more rewards

Great idea @Shenoy
Nothing wrong with just wanting to show off our Anker stuff :+1:

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I think @gAnkster would take advantage of a gallery section!


I’m thinking no point as @gAnkster would simply win, he’d put some germane Anker product, beautiful scenery and its daughters in a scene and none of us have a chance of winning.