Galaxy s20 Plus emitting ticking sound on PowerWave Stand

In January I bought 2 PowerWave Stands to use with my old Note5. I loved it, best upgrade to my phone ever.

Today I upgraded to a S20 Plus. This evening I noticed the phone it emitting a soft tick-tick-tick-tick sound when on the charger.

I tried everything, positioning, removing from case, turning off fast wireless charging, muting the phone, etc., but nothing worked. I had to return to corded charging.

Any more suggestions before I need to scrap my Stands completely?


Dear Kgk4569,

Thank you for contacting us. It’s unusual for this product to be acting like this, and we’d love to get you what you need!

Please write to our email address "" for further assistance. We offer an 18-month warranty for this product, plus lifetime technical support.

The Anker Community Team


Do contact support

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Hey @Kgk4569
I also have the S20 Plus and the PowerWave stand and all is fine here.
Out of interest, as the phone is new to the equation, have you tried the S20 on another wireless charger with the same wattage output?
Its quite possible the phone has a fault and causing the ticking as opposed to the charger.
Keep us updated with your progress.

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