Galaxy Fold review units are failing

I personally think this technology was a bit rushed. It was an ambitious plan but seems like it needed more testing. I hope this is an isolated issue to just review units. I’d be more than pissed if I spend close to $2000 dollars and my phone screen starts giving me issues within the first few days


We knew this was going to happen, videos / images surfaced on internet with lot of scratch line / pressure points on the folding edge for Galaxy Fold. Need to see how other brands work which publicized the Fold design


Yep. Go back in my post history. I called this :joy:

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I was hoping the phone would be a success. Seems like they dropped the ball with the Galaxy Fold. LG is coming out with one too, maybe they do better for once

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:sob: bad day for Samsung

Wow this is sad. I’ve seen a couple video and they were praising it. Hoping they fix the rest of the bunch before sending out

Will be interesting to see if Apple comes out with the Fold Design, there are lot of concept articles, hope it see the light of day

Yea I’m hoping it was a bad batch sent to the reviewers. Maybe they didn’t do many quality tests on them. Sucks for the people who actually paid for them :joy:

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I hope they do so there is more competition and we all get to see a good foldable phone in 2 or 3 years from now


I’m sure they’ll release 1 within about 2 years. They (as usual) will wait to see how foldable phones are doing and make a better unit before launching

Samsung has too many problems like this… it’s what hinders me from buying their products.

It seemed like it was bound to not be mess up honestly, its the first foldable phone on the market so theres obviously gonna lots of room to improve. Also I don’t got $2k USD to blow on a phone so this ain’t ever gonna be an actuality for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Colour me surprised :laughing:

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Honestly, incredibly innovative but they really need to take their time. Not to mention the longevity of their support for products vs. like Apples for phones

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Tbh they’re not that innovative… they’re screens are pretty nice, and that’s about it. They refuse to take time to make products great. They just try to shove out as many Products as they can, regardless of wether or not they work.

Apple always makes sure there products work before they release them. Even if it means a 3 years delay or so!

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I do admit the foldable is not looking too good right now but Samsung offers great phones. While I wouldn’t get a 1st generation foldable phone, I could see myself get a 3rd or 4th generation foldable phone as long as the price is affordable. With enough time and testing, Samsung can add another great phone to their lineup

The biggest problem with me and Samsung phones are these.

  1. I absolutely hate the cameras. I don’t know why, but Samsung can’t seem to make a good camera.

  2. I hate that they just release a product no matter wether or not it works. This makes me think that any given phone I buy from them could have issues.

  3. Android is meh

These problems hinder me, and probably always will hinder me from getting a Samsung phone.

Well at least in terms of phones (aside from the note7) they’ve been pretty reliable aside from software. Same goes for the hardware in the devices being top of the line, not that I’d be expecting anything less at the pricepoint. But yeah for screens they are ahead with the holepunch and curved display etc.

Yep, from delaying the old white iPhone 4 forever ago and recently canceling AirPower. Apple takes their time making sure things are done right

So Samsung has made two phones that are complete trash… that alone is enough to get me not to buy them :joy::grin:

  1. I think it’s subjective. I personally love the camera on my S10+. I will say iPhones packs a great camera too but I’d stick to Samsung’s.
  2. It’s been 2 phones with issues (2 phones too many) but they release more phones than just 1 or 2 each year . It was the Note 7 with the explosive batteries and this one with the folding issues. Seems like in order to be first on certain aspects sometimes they skip testing and it ends up biting them in the ass.
  3. Android is great lol :sunglasses: but again, is subjective.