G30 Robovac

Anyone else using this. I have the 11 and recently bought the G30 as we have a dog now and this is supposed to be good for dog hair and wooden floors. Sad to say the single brush is not brilliant at picking up hair and the exhaust for the vacuum just blows the hair around making pick up even worse.

Does Eufy have a returns policy?

You should contact the support.

@nicklomas As mentioned by @Chiquinho you would be best reaching out to support@eufylife.com or contacting your point of purchase for return/refund it the product does not meet your needs.

Is there any way you can use different brushes?

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Other producers are offering special types of brushes (no bristels) only rubber ribs.
I dont know if these are better for pet’s hair.

OP would have to do his own research :+1: