Future of wireless earbuds? Aipods 3?

I had an idea one day… Airpods are great I wish I had them but they rely on and iPhone and if you want to listen to say your soptify playlist your gonna use a lot of data also when you are on a road trip and there is no service. While you can download and listen offline with spotify premium. I think we should add memory to airpods and make an iPod built in. And for good times sake I add a dial pad.


Hey, that’s not a bad idea! You should work for Apple :joy:. Perhaps anker will incorporate something similar to this in future versions of liberty air? After all, they actually listen to there customers :joy:

With advances in technology, why not have the entire music application be built within airpods and sync music files into it via iPhone or PC / Mac :slight_smile:

I like your idea! I kind of miss the click-wheel on my old iPod.

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Never had iPod so not sure how satisfying the rotary thing was and my first apple product was iPhone 5. But either way that is a genius plan. Don’t think it would happen until AirPod 4 or 5 though that is if they even think this is a good idea

Interesting concept and I must admit I do like it :muscle:t2:

that would be good!

That’s a great idea :bulb:

This is actually a neat idea! Going back to the old iPod days with the wheel! I’d buy it, but I already have AirPods! Love them!

Good Idea! This is similar to what you can do with an android watch you can store music right on it and then connect bluetooth headphones right to your watch. Great for going on runs!

Definitely a great idea. Maybe you should patent it and start making a prototype or sell the idea to a company. Lol

I like the idea of that integrated buds.
If the whole thing will not be bigger as a usual charging box for the buds it is great.