Future Anker Products

I would love if Anker had a keynote where they unveiled exciting and revolutionary new products/accessories. I would also love if someone from Anker replied to this post and shared their thoughts about my proposal, and perhaps even talked about some of their upcoming products that they have planned! Thank you guys so much, I’m a huge Anker hogger and fan! Keep up the customer service.

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I totally agree. I would also like to know about reviewing new products that Anker comes out with.

I would also like if they let more people into the Power User program.

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That would be awesome to try out products before launch.

I believe Anker has a lot of new product in the making. Anker is becoming a solid company.

think of going to one of their events, and then going to a hands-on session shortly after the dramatic unveilings and presentations! It would be so fun, am I right?

A keynote or similar for new products would be a good idea. As for pushing out more Power Users, yes that would also be good but as long as criteria is met for selection to sure that useful feedback and advice is presented to @AnkerOfficial and prospective buyers.

Yes, and I was thinking that’s what Anker’s 5th birthday presentation was going to be, but it wasn’t it was simply a celebration.