Funny story, you may like!

Our Willi the 11S is working sometimes.
Not such a heavy duty, as Willi is an “old friend” one day he needs to rest, the other day he can stroll around a little bit in the ground floor.
Lazy fellow.

But what I see now, regarding the brushes:

I am loosing hair, but my wife don’t.! :worried:
OK, there is not much left on my old head,
but you all may imagine the “jokes” I am in now
when I told this to my “beloved”. :joy::joy:

Laughing a lot!!!
Willi the investigator.


Don’t worry Franz, I’ve got a ton of hair on my head. When I get it cut I’ll ship you a terrific wig that will even make the Donald jealous! :wink::joy::joy:


I know a guy who lost most of his hair by 21. Poor guy.

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Thank you for the offer!

How do we call ol’ Donald’s hairstyle here in Germany
“Entenschwanz” ->“tail of a duck”!
Better to have not such a hairstyle.

(But I will NEVER start a political discussion here!)

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How dare you make fun of our supreme leader😡

He has "the best words":joy::joy::joy::joy:

Just kidding he is a national embarrassment and a clown.

Hopefully we will be eliminating electoral college soon and finally have a true democracy.


@fhassm Franz don’t worry we all lose our hair eventually. My wife and son both have grays and they got super excited when they thought they found a gray hair in my hair…but they were let down because it was just a random blonde hair and not a gray


Oh man I’d hate to lose my hair. I’ll get some hair transplant before I let that happen

Nah, I’d just shave it bald and buy a bunch of wigs.


He could totally rock that white wig. Why get an Anker t shirt when you can get an Anker wig.

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Did someone say Anker wig?


Exactly what I was thinking or maybe a wig shaped like the Anker logo

I had been shaving my head bald for years. Last couple of months I’ve been letting it grow. The greys are more noticeable now :joy::joy:

I blame the other half and the kids for them though

As I have still some, but not enough I am using to wear a cap.
In winter keeps warm in summer cool.

Always protecting the little bit of brain which is left! :joy:

Who’s gonna start posting selfies of us wearing fetching wigs first… :wink::joy::joy:

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This would be too intimate! :flushed:

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Very funny @fhassm ! Good thing Willi is there to clean up the mess!

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Not a mess: Only a very few hairs he is collecting.
May be I should start counting these, but this might lead to a manic depression. :joy:


Our good friend @fhassm is quite the celebrity! He has his own line of figures… :wink:


What will happen when I loose this “unique one”

Well to be fair he did have two but one broke off. So you better look after and cherish this last one my friend!

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