Fun Alexa/Google assistant questions

Here’s some fun for you.

I called this Alexa/Google assistant, as I’m sure you could swap the initial part of the question/command‽

I’m sure if you have a different assistant, it could work for them also… Bixby, Siri, whatever the windows one is, etc.

Have fun :crazy_face:


I’ll try some with my Google mini lol

I’ll have to try some of these. Thx

I secretly out Pikachu on my son’s Eufy Genie, so whenever he ask Alexa a question it’s Pikachu. The first time he freaked out and then he couldn’t stop talking to it. Last night I switched it to Chewbacca, so he will get a nice wake up call when it’s time for school, lol

I remember in the past you could ask Alexa “what does the fox say?” She would try to the sing the song, but now I think she actually makes a fox noise instead. :unamused:

That’s a fun idea man :+1:

Gonna try these tomorrow when I’m bored and looking for something to keep me busy

I had a feeling you could program them‽

If so, when the child asked certain questions, it would give a programmed response.