Free solar power bank

I don’t know if i could post this up in here but if anyone here has a marlboro account there giving away this

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The fag company?

I’ve seen shit ads on fb for this (or vvv similar) it’s free for a substantial contribution to shipping n handling!

I didn’t have to pay shipping and handling

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Very hesitant to give out information online now days for free stuff. Its a potentially good giveaway, but not necessarily a brand i want to associate with.

It is legit anything from the tobacco companies are 100% free last year I won so much stuff from marlboro, freshcope, skoal,camel its unreal all you have to do is claim it they send stuff on your birthday and its not junk stuff I won a sony bluetooth soundbar with sub from camel a 200 bag from marlboro and a turntable. trust me this is legit now the other stuff around saying free I cant vouch for but if you miss the charger this time claim it next monday I missed it last monday

Shoot i still have the movie tickets they were giving away plus freshcope was giving away a pouch but i was late but last night i got a mini maglite

I have also won a lot of stuff from Marlboro, black and mild, camel, skoal…and nope I don’t smoke anymore but I know people who do and they use my coupons so I get the rewards

That’s what i do just pass on the coupons to my brother and the old lady from work

Dang, I do not smoke. Has anyone gotten one of these for free?

Why tobacco companies giveaway a solar power bank?:joy:

Don’t know why but it’s free and a quick come up on extra money

Pretty certain its a away for them to indirectly advertise whenever you use whatever free product you got. It helps their word of mouth advertising.

Stop killing my vibe it’s not my fault that i like free stuff

Not trying to be harsh about it (Sorry), I love free stuff too (and that is quality free swag). Just the amount of personal info they ask for and why they do it seems to be where I draw the line.