FREE Prizes, Now Through Thanksgiving!

The biggest shopping day of the year is nearly upon us. As we frantically search for the best deals on gifts for friends and loved ones, it’s easy to wish that someone would come and give us an early gift (or at least a special discount or two).

We’ve got you taken care of! From now through Thanksgiving, come Grab-A-Gift.

Take three presents from the Anker shelf to see what’s inside. You could get one of over 2,000 free products, or exclusive coupons that can be used with anything in the Anker store—even discounted items!

You get three chances to win every single day, so head on over to Black Friday Central and Grab-A-Gift!


Awesome thanks Anker for always looking out for its people :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t crazy lucky today. I hope tomorrow Luck is on my side.:grinning:


Okay. I see this thread getting bogged down with coupon codes. Can we try to post only prizes won? :smiley:

@AnkerOfficial Are the discount codes shareable? If yes, maybe we can start a new thread for participants to share codes that they don’t need.



Im guessing everyone will have tons of coupons and these coupons will expire on 12/03?

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Ughhhhh US only.
That is really deceptive @AnkerOfficial


woot now I just have to remember to do it heh

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Where is the unlike button :weary:


It’s a pretty neat giveaway though and like the fact it shows you products and you can reserve them.

If I win anything I’ll send it to my mate in the US

I need a trip to the US :cry:


Cool giveaway but had a feeling it would be a US only thing;

I guess it’s changed since the Facebook post posted by @joshuad11 in the same thread

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That will no doubt be a different giveaway.

Possibly, unless there are two Thanksgiving’s in a year :grin:

Thanksgiving is year round… What are you talking about? :joy:

My guess is one giveaway will be run through social media and the other through the forums. Also they are celebrating 50k Instagram followers, so giveaway coming soon there.

It seems like it’s the busiest time of the year for Anker!

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In that case then :grin:


Thank you Anker! Always taking care of us.

Note to everyone: Please post what you win if/when you do win!

Pulled the trigger for a laugh;

x2 $20 over $100 or more
x1 $100 over $500

Ah…if only

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