Free music streaming offline

Hello I am new to this forum but I want to ask if you guys know of any music streaming free offline stuff apps or something as I want to use this for everyday use and not use mobile data. Thanks very much friends.


I don’t think anything Iike this exists. The problem with free offline music is the companies can’t have ads. That’s how they make all of there money.
You have two options.

  1. Get a paid subscription to a music streaming service (like Apple Music which is 10$ or 5$ for students)
  2. Buy all of the cds you want, load them onto your computer, and then load them onto your mobile device.

Hope this is helpful!


If you have time and resource, you can build one yourself DIY using a Raspberry Pi

As for Apps, there are tons on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore, you only need to search those – beware of malware or ad pumping apps

If you happen to already have Amazon Prime, you can download albums/playlists/songs for offline use. I’ve done that for long road trips sometimes.

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I heard of this streaming service where you can download all sorts of free apps, music, movies, etc… it’s called Limewire.

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Can you download it on the App Store? And is it some dogey.

That’s cool but I think it’s too difficult for me

@Jackwhite1 I’m just joking. Limewire was a peer to peer music service. It was totally illegal so they got shut down years ago! My pirating days are over so I have no idea on how to help you out.

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@Jackwhite1 easiest and best option would be - go for Spotify Premium option (its a subscription model), this lets you download the songs within the app while connected to Wifi network and lets you play offline / not connected to network.

some services with paid membership allows you to download music for offline use. I don’t use online music so my knowledge is limited in this area.

Non of them are truly free. I use spotify premium and pay 9.99 plus taxes and I can download the music (actually its cached) and I can listen offline anywhere. Just have to connect to the internet with the app open several times a week or the songs need to be downloaded again.


As @Element321 has mentioned there aren’t any legal truly free streaming services…you can go the route of ad free for a relatively low cost per month on Spotify, Apple Music, Google or Amazon…or the ad supported versions of Spotify etc if the occasional 30-60 second ads don’t drive you crazy for 30 minutes of music at a time…


Google music. have a Google account, you can create a playlist of their FREE music, and click to download.

What is downloaded is pure CODEC, not MP3.

You then go back to GOOGLE MUSIC, and select… PLAY DOWNLOADED ONLY.

that’s the only way I know.

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Google allows u to stream or listen to music, but if you have Amazon prime you can do the same stream or download their music and listen to it whenever wherever.

I use Spotify, Google, and Amazon music depending what I want to listen to and when

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This is very easy, just go back 10 years.

Save music as MP3 files, copy them to phone storage, use a media player app.

Every day my Raspberry pi programs to download BBC news at 10 and Newsnight to mp4 file, my phone has ssh server and my Pi uploads to my phone when I get to home wifii, then I can watch it if I leave home.

Brexit and walking the dog. No using mobile data.

What you ask is the technology we all used 10+ years back. It was an iPod.

I even managed to make this work on my smartwatch, I can run a ftp server on watch, I copied some mp3 files from server to watch and use an offline mp3 app on watch.

My watch has 2GB free space, my phone 256GB, my 8" tablet has 128Gb SD card.

Split screen phone helps background playing

Offline is my main usage.


Is that still a thing? Srsly

Wow, I wish I knew 25% of what you know. :joy:

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A real professor !:ok_hand:

I ripped a lot of CD which you will never get for free!
So I run my private “disco” on my laptop.
This needs some memory space, but I am independent at all.

And I will stay independent from all that social media as well :joy:


Tbh for listening music offline you’ll have to pay monthly subscription from Spotify or get Apple Music.