Free giveaways from member to member

As many of us have stored items a lot and there might be no more need of those:
Why do we not start a free give away from member to member only?
The item is free of course only shipping should be payed by the receiver.
As we know each others I think this would be a honest “business” :wink:


How about item swap?


Why not , we are free! :heart_eyes:

We can do what we want, or cant we?



This was mentioned in the past but was frowned upon by @AnkerOfficial as they did not want the site to become a trading place. Plus you have the issue of warranties and counterfeit items bleeding into the mix…could end up quite a can of worms…


I understand the concern at all.

May be we could handle this very “private”.


I’m with @ndalby and @AnkerOfficial this has been discussed and talked about in the past. The biggest issue not only comes with counterfeit products but also the issue of being scammed.


Anyone want to swap my 5200mah powerbank with earphones?

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I would not try to defraud you.
This way I can not show up in the States again! :heart_eyes:

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I agree that giving away or trading could introduce more negative than positive, however what if there was a way to share a demo unit? It would be public knowledge who has the item(s) and the agreement is that the items are kept for a period of time then shared with the next person who want’s them. Shipping would be paid by the person receiving the item, and there would be an understanding that the person with the item would post their review when they are done with the item.

Something like this can go bad very quickly as there is no way to hold a person accountable asside from reprimanding them on the forum. They can be good for so long and just one day decide I really like this product and keep it to themselves and keep the money instead if forwarding it to someone else when there time comes. I have seen it happen know car forums and we do not want to bear or bring that kind if issues to this forum

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Sharing / Swapping may be good idea, but has a its own down sides, what happens if the unit gets damaged / how will warranty work for it / who is to take responsibility to fix it?

May be just give away the product, with knowledge that there is no warranty or any other strings tied to the product. I have myself used / tested many of Anker products and given some of them to my family and friends.

Again, these are my thoughts, no offense to anyone on this thread.

I think I’d much rather just keep gifting products that I either can’t use, don’t need any longer, or have upgraded from to family or friends.