Frame Rate Issue

So I Have the Nebula Mars 2 Pro and I noticed that when I hook it up with my Switch or Xbox, the playback is around 30 FPS when it should be at 60 FPS. Is there a way to fix this or is there something wrong with my unit?

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this case to our attention.

May I know if you’ve tried different HDMI cable? We would appreciate if you could contact us at to provide a short video so that we could verify with the team to help you out.

Sorry for any trouble caused and thanks for your understanding.

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Anker Support Team.

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Try a different port or HDMI cable too

Did you ever figure out the answer to this issue? I’m having the same problem.

Sorry for waking this old thread up, but I have this issue, it’s registered as 60hz but it drops frames and looks like it’s losing half the registered frames…

Not all the time but enough to annoy you and make you notice …

My 2003 projector plays 60hz solid. Such a shame a modern projector can’t deal with nornal gaming.

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