Found this on Amazon today "EufyCam 2C"

Not sure if we are allowed to post links, but you can find it on Amazon easily. Looks like a new model to replace the Cam E? Half the battery life claim, but has a built in spot light and zone detection.

Anyone know anything about these? I had just placed an order for the 2 camera Cam E setup, but now I’m wondering if I should cancel that and wait to see if these are better.


Hoping that November 03 date is true, and that it also applies to the EufyCam 2 models on Best Buy’s website. Been waiting for a decent Homekit-compatible security camera system for a while now.

Some more info from Eufy on Amazon, per the Q&A section:

Homebase 2 Vs Homebase E:
:diamonds: The size of the Homebase; The Homebase 2 is much smaller and lighter.
:diamonds: Homebase 2 doesn’t come with Micro SD card, it comes with built-in 16GB eMMC, more stable and faster access than micro-SD. Also, it comes with a USB slot that support USB storage.
:diamonds: The USB charging port of Homebase 2 doesn’t support 9V charging model, only charge devices at 5V;
:diamonds: The LED light on Homebase 2 is blue, it is red on Homebase/Homebase E.

eufyCam E Vs eufyCam 2C:
:diamonds: The size of the camera;
:diamonds: The built-in battery of eufyCam E is 13400mAh, eufyCam 2C is 6700mAh;
:diamonds: eufyCam E comes with magnet mount and outdoor mount, due to the size of the eufyCam 2c, it comes with outdoor mounts only;
:diamonds: eufyCam 2C has a spotlight.

So the second gen cameras are going to be Homekit compatible?

I really want IFTTT functionality for the first gen which I know they say is coming, but have yet to deliver.

Are you sure about that?

Are you sure, mine is white, it’s only red if there’s no network connection which I can imagine is the same for the 2

I’m just copy-pasting what Eufy posted on Amazon. I’d assume they’re right, or mixing up the old/new ones?


Great find!

Can you post the link to the page or a picture so we see what you found

Looks like Amazon can have it on my doorstep tomorrow. I just ordered the Cam E for $259, but it won’t be here until Saturday. I’m tempted to order this and set it up, if I’m happy with it then I’ll just send the Cam E back.

It depends on what you need. You have to wait if you need Apple HomeKit though.

Currently I don’t use homekit, but I have been thinking of using it in the future. I really want IFTTT hopefully they get that working.

I like the battery life of the Cam E, but I’m afraid if I stick with the Gen 1 homebase there might be a feature the Gen 2 homebase gets that I’ll miss out on. Such as homekit, or IFTTT

Are the new cameras compatible with the old Homebase, and the old cameras compatible with the new Hombase?

Not according to Eufy

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Guessing it’s released in the US

The 2C is available on Amazon.

This seems to show we’ll see eufyCam 2 on this website shortly… eufy Security eufyCam 2 :open_mouth: @system @ankerofficial @ankersupport any info?

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Does anybody know if eufyCam 2 will still have the anti-theft alert? Seems like the eufyCam 2C does not (see, but since the original one has it, It would be strange if they removed it from eufyCam 2.

Also the HomeBase 2 does not have a built in backup battery anymore, or am I wrong?

Does the homebase for the cam e have battery backup? I’ll have both systems today, but idk that I will have time to dig into them to see whats different

I have the original HomeBase, which has a backup battery. HomeBase E does not have one, afaik. I’m curious about Homebase 2.

For differences between eufyCam and eufyCam 2 (e.g., anti-theft alert), I guess I’ll have to wait until it’s available somewhere. If there are any.

So I’ve setup the Homebase 2 and 2 Cam 2C’s. Things that stand out is the motion detection is not as sensitive as I would like. Part of this is due to my front door camera being mounted at such an angle it also gets most of my driveway. So the downside here is you can pull a car in and out of the driveway and the camera will not detect that large object because it is not approaching the camera. So I will need a third for the driveway at some point. I have one camera about 20ft from the base and it shows good signal. The other is about 50ft and 2 walls away, it goes back and forth between good and poor signal, but appears to stream and alert just fine.

The mounts are plastic, but they seem well made and sturdy.

I also have a brand new Cam E and Homebase E I got today. I can confirm the Cam E can pair to the Homebase 2. Now some differences that I have noticed between the 2 cameras.

The 2C will save a screen shot of the persons face, this seems to work surprisingly well, as far as I can tell the E does not do this.

The alarm function on the 2C is for when motion is detected. The E is for when the camera is disturbed, such as someone trying to steal it.

The 2C has motion detection for all motion or just people, I don’t see that option for the Cam E

The 2C does not have the option to record to a NAS, maybe that will come with software updates.

The 2C has low, med, and high volume options as well as a speaker and mic toggle, the E seems to only have a mic toggle.

All in all I think I like the new cams better, mainly for the face detection and being able to toggle the spotlight is nice, I am about to see just how bright that is now that it is dark out


Hey Bruce, is there anything suggesting the ability to connect the 2C to HomeKit?

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