Found Anker PowerConf for $12 in Walmart store

my friends in USA, take a look at local Walmart stores for PowerConf.
use this link with your zip code to possibly find one

Today evening I found 1 for $12 (brand new and sealed) in local Walmart store on clearance section.
This is huge YMMV because it is sold at over $100 at other online and local retailers.
I found this in Unicoi, TN store (it was last one there)

Here is my new PowerConf :slight_smile:


Brilliant @kumar.sachin :+1:t2:


Whoa, heck of a price. Nice job


Yeah I never find those elusive Walmart deals. Today was exception. I’m super happy with PowerConf and its performance.
Got 2 firmware updates as well that updated it with multipoint and some other features.
It works as speakerphone for my work laptop and also have simultaneous connection to my phone.
Even for music it performs really well.


Great find! I wonder if it was an error by Walmart. Amazing price nonetheless

Wow very nice find, tad jelly about the crazy price you paid for it.


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Wow, awesome deal!

Walmart sometimes do it to clear out inventory and shelf space but this was crazy price. Some stores in Michigan has this for $20-$30 as well.
Luckily for me this store is in not so tech savvy population and probably that’s why it was there at such low price.

Wow that’s a steal!

I wish my WalMart would clear out their inventory more often lol

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That was something very brillaint deal…!

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