For those looking for a way to organize their cables, check this out

Hey everyone. Happy New Year. This was touched upon in the forum, not too long ago … a way to manage and organize your cables. Anyway, I came across this deal that I thought I’d share with you in case you needed one of these. I, myself, use something similar… a single layer one that rolls up. But if you have lots of cables, this would be great for you.

And if you use the code, “4BKEZH9E,” it’ll be $10 instead of the regular price of $13.99. Omg, I sound like an infomercial. :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, I think Anker should make something like this but with their awesome Anker logo on it. :slight_smile:



My personal view… No, calm down I ain’t t spoken yet! lol

If you have soo many cables you need to store them, you need to stop fking buying them, as you don’t need anymore. :sunflower::wink:


Thanks for the idea I have tomthing imilar but larger as it has a second deeper layer to hold my mouse and foldable keyboard and screwdriver kit.

If a pile of cables need to be stored in such a special box,
there must be a huge suitcase for all the different items which will be charged with.

True enough…if one was to keep buying cables and not use them. Perhaps it’s not about buying them but perhaps acquiring them from devices that you’ve bought…but rather use cable from Anker instead. Nevertheless, I was saying that it was my situation. I was just simply sharing a deal that others could use if they needed. I myself, mainly just have 1 if not 2 of a certain type of cable plugged into my Anker PowerPort…ready to charge whatever I need. But I do prefer to carry a variety of cables using a similar organizer above, except mine is only a 4 slot that rolls up. And this, I stick inside my backpack with an Anker power bank when I’m out and about. I prefer to have my cables organized, rather then to just throw them willy nilly in my backpack or a box of some sort. Therefore, I do get the point you’re making and to a certain extent, I agree with you about hoarding cables. But my post was meant to just help others out that might be in need of some organization. :slight_smile:

This is the one I use…

Anyway, I hope that I at least helped someone out by sharing this post.

Just think how simple things would be if every company used a single cable as a universal standard…the only need for more than one cable might be for different lengths or for home and work :slight_smile:

Good case though @Nhi Similar to the storage compartment on my laptop case (minus the 15+ cables) :wink:

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I totally agree. That would be great. But for now, with so many variety of devices and cables needed, it is hard to not carry multiple cables with you.

This will be never done.
New standards, special standards (Apple as usual) :
More different cables, more deals, more money. :wink:

I find that the more devices I aquire, since most include their own plug, I have this excess building up. These organizers would be great to store all the cables which have the serial number attached to them. I can mark each cable and out them into the organizer for safe keeping until it comes time to need it for warranty and they are right there. As it is now I leave all the cables in the boxes of ever device I own and only use my Anker braided cables for stuff.

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Excel sheet! :joy: (Kidding as usual)

Me too, the cables came with all the items I leave in the boxes.

I tend to do that too IF I keep their boxes.

very interesting! thanks for posting! :ok_hand:

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Because of this post, I think this seller needs to pay Anker community advertising fee.:smirk:


Just what I was looking for we I have many chargers and this is quite ideal for me… is this available in the uk?

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Yeah right? Perhaps Anker can make something like this? I would love to own some by Anker. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure. Perhaps you can try to find it on the Amazon UK site?

Anker should definitely make its own cable organizers of different sizes and styles would be great and I would buy it in a heart beat

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