For portable chargers, do you favour input power speed, output power speed, size or weight?

Anker has a huge range of input speeds from the mini 1A input to the dual 2x2A 4A and QC input, and huge range of outputs from 1A to 2A to 2.4A, 3A, multiple outputs, QC.

What is your preference for speed in vs speed out?

My preference:

  • I use USB batteries defensively, i.e. if I’m stationary I plug mine in to keep my gadget fully charged so when I’m moving I am not needing to keep it plugged.
  • I thus do not particularly need a fast output USB battery because it is never expected to rush at anything.
  • I favour more the power input of the USB battery because if I’m next to mains power for a short period, I want to ingest the most amount of energy, so I prefer 4A input, then 3A input, then 2.4A input then 2A input.
  • I’d rather a battery be smaller to fit in a pocket, or lighter to be easier on the back/shoulder/arm than its speed of output.

I would say that I prefer a faster output speed over input speed since I usually charge the portable charger overnight (think the less use it gets in a 24hr period)

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That seems a typical view. What’s your gadget’s (e.g. phone) input tech?

Also forgot to mention that the battery capacity is great. Since smaller batteries tend to hold less of a charge and can easily fit into a pocket, however Anker has made a powerful statement with the capacity of the portable charger saying that even a small charger even portable can have a big impact when it comes to space and time saving

Android if that it what you mean by input tech

Output charging rate and capacity are the only two things I really care about. Saying that, this new double input option is appealing.

I think I favor input speed and size. Personally I don’t pay attention to the weight, but I do for output speed, but that is less of a priority for me.