Football season

As we all know Football season is under way here in the states. We’re in the third week of regular season and a lot of teams are doing better or worse than they have in the past. So my question to everyone is are you a football fan? What’s your favorite team? And what do you predict will happen this season?

For me, I am and always will be a Green Bay Packers fan. Aron Roger’s is a top notch quarterback and the team supports him…although sometimes they give up when they should push harder to win. I hope we can make playoffs and get to the Superbowl. My prediction is that all teams will change the way we think about playoffs and the superbowl…reason is some teams are coming into their own and others are failing to live up to their reputation

Btw, watching football on the Nebula II is great. Cannot wait to watch more games in it as the season continues.


Yes, but I’m probably a bigger CFB fan than NFL fan. Parents both went to K-State (though I likely won’t), so we’re pretty big fans. K-State is not off to a good start this year. Really hoping we’re able to turn it around for the rest of conference play.

I also follow the Packers. Was a big Jordy Nelson fan. Sad to see him go.

Also follow the Chiefs some with them being the closest NFL team to us. Sounds like Mahomes is doing awesome!

I figured more people would have responded to this as I know Football use to be a big thing this time of the year. But I guess maybe not with this crowd?

At any rate I was sad to see my team lose this past Sunday, so many over played calls and missed opportunities it really was a shame. And then the new league rule against hitting quarterbacks has got to be the most outrageous rule ever…you can’t even textbook hit the QBs without getting flagged for a 15 yard penalty. Oh and William Hayes is out for the season after tearing his ACL for trying not to get a penalty flag when he sacked the QB…footbal is getting soft with these rules.

I try to check in with a few full games each season but often the broadcast times in the UK either conflict with something else or don’t start/finish until 11pm-2am UK time…not good for work the next day…so it’s often just the highlights catch-up…

Will be watching the Superbowl as usual though…almost become a yearly tradition & no doubt the Patriots will likely feature…

HEY @elmo41683!

I’m a huge Chicago Bear Fan! I’m from Chicago, and have had season tickets for about 16 years. I no longer have them due to my little girl and the time/cost commitment to season tickets.

I tip my cap to Aaron Rodgers in what he is able to do with the plague of injuries and lack of depth around him. He is truly a star.

I am still in shock they got Khalil Mack. Watching him play every snap is unreal. He is a true game changer. I believe in their defense, but am still suspect on Trubisky and Nagy. Although it’s Trubisky’s 3rd Coach, 3rd Playbook in the last 3 years (College, Rookie Year, This Year). I’m willing to give him a little leeway and watch him develop.

CFB is awesome, but my team isn’t really worth following. (Kansas Jayhawks) Sorry, @joshuad11… although they have already gotten 2 wins. My other team is ND who is having a great year! I try to follow them as much as I can.

My Dad went to University of Illinois, so their team is a joke. That always made me steer towards the Irish.



Canadians mostly follow Hockey, which has a similar season. I’m not much into it - I’m not much into watching sports in general, to be honest - but I do enjoy the opportunity to gather friends and eat good food.

I couldn’t offer any predictions, as I can barely understand the sport itself… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Starting with the name, football. The ball is not a ball and is on the players hands most of the time. So, maybe this season they decide to find a better suited name for the sport? Also, better protection for the players regarding concussion - a common problem with hockey, by the way.

Introducing the concussion-proof helmet :joy::joy::joy:

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I root for Borussia Dortmund actually, they beat Leipzig in Brazil today :partying_face: Looks like the recent sponsorship by Ildar Sharipov helped them a lot.