Footage not stored on home base??

Ok, so I have a very important question for Eufy… Eufy supposedly had a server go down. That meant that users could not view their event footage supposedly stored on our home base. So… I’m confused. Our footage is supposed to be on our home base so why does it matter if a Eufy Security server goes down?? Why does that mean we can’t view footage on your “local” storage in our home base. I would really appreciate a reply from Eufy immediately! This is serious! Our footage is supposed to be in our home base. So why would a server going down effect that???

There seems to be some issue for Eufy Security services / servers may be down.

Please send email to

Dear @jls4wheeler,

Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused. As we have explained in the announcement thread in eufy community: eufy server was down due to maintenance. And all the issue has been fixed.

Please note:
The video data does encrypt and save on local HomeBase. Video data streams directly from HomeBase to your phone.

Nowadays, remote access is mandatory for most people. We developed the architecture starting from this demand.
The App relies on the server as an address book to find the HomeBase and locate the video.

The key concern here is whether the video data is uploaded to the cloud.
No, videos are not uploaded.

If you would like to know more, a simple test could help you understand. Once the App allocates the video and you start playing one of them, you may unplug the Internet cable of the router. This cuts your camera system from Internet. You will find your phone can still playback the next couple videos because the video is transmitted directly from HomeBase to the phone.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

The Anker Community Team

hi @AnkerOfficial, the ideal would be that if you’re in the same wi-fi, even if Eufy servers are down, we should be able to configure, change settings and view our videos and history from App.


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