Foldable iPhone Apple Should Release


Of course it is. The Samsung design is terrible- almost anything would be better.

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Apple will wait for all the failure modes to be determined and resolved (by other brands) before getting into this race. And claim victory and top of the edge features :sweat_smile:

Yeah I think people kinda forget that Apple innovates not via technology but via UI/UX

The Apple iPod was not the first mp3 playre. It was the first mp3 player that made getting your music onto it actually usable by real people. For example, I got my ex-gf a Sony mp3 player. LIterally 5 years later it still had only has the same 10 songs I put on it because she never figured out out to put new song on it.

The Mac was not the first computer. It was the first OS that people connected with and was relatively easy to use.

The iPhone was not the first mobile device. It was the first device that seamlessly integrated a phone, a mustivc player and internet functionality into one device that was usable by real people.

The iPad was not the first tablet. It was the first device that made using touch interfaces on a tablet easy to the poitn where 1 year olds can randomly swipe around and watch youtube somehow.

Apple canned the PowerPod purely because it did not have the UX they wanted which was ‘drop your stuff anywhere on this pad and it will charge your device’

Apple wont join the foldable ecosystem until they see all the UI/UX problems and find a way to make those thing much much better than their competitors.

Apple does not make ‘better’ technical products. Apple makes better ‘usable’ products.

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