FM radio signal in the Soundcore Mini

Hi guys

Is there a trick to get better signal for the FM radio in the Soundcore Mini?
It seems a little better with the micro usb plugged in but it could be just my imagination, I would still like a good clear signal though.
Am I just in a bad spot for reception or is it just not very good to begin with?


Hey @J_Hansen
The Mini uses the charging lead plugged in as the FM antenna.
The lead doesn’t need to be plugged into the charger.
After that I guess it’s a matter of placement if the device and lead.

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In theory the ideal length is speed of light divided by frequency divided by half so say in UK BBC2 is 90Mhz so 3x10xx8 / 9x 10xx7 /2 = 30/9/2 = 1.6M.

So say a 6ft cable.

The strength of the signal would be proportionally weaker for shorter cable, e.g. 3ft cable is half as good.

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Thanks guys, I’ll try it in a different location and maybe try a different cable as well, it’s not exactly life changing or anything but would be handy to work properly out in the garden etc…

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try to get a good quality 6ft USB cable and point in the direction of the transmitter. e.g. here in UK the nearest BBC radio transmitter is almost exactly due east so a 6ft cable in that east direction would be the absolutely the ideal.

Chances are the supplied cable is … 3 ft? If so its half as good as a 6ft.

Neighbours are gonna look at me really funny when I put a 6ft usb cable up in the apple tree :joy:


As long as it works