FloodlightCam_eufy Internet may not be available

I bought a Eufy Floodlight camera. My phone connects to the camera and I am prompted to then connect to the FloodlightCam_eufy wifi. At this point, it says FloodlightCam_eufy has no internet and will not proceed.

I have turned off mobile data for my phone, turned off auto connect for the wifi networks, made sure it is the 2.4 internet and not 5G. Changed the names of my networks so it does not switch. Tried a different phone and a tablet. Had a new camera sent out. It is the same thing every single time. Gets to where I connect FloodlightCam_eufy and will not proceed. Just stays there until it times out. I have spoken to tech support numerous times. Just got the new camera delivered today and they are not available. I have AT&T internet. Anyone else have a similar issue and were able to resolve it?

You can do two things:

You may ask your question here :

or you can contact the service.


In this context the first point is correct, 2nd they wrote they already did.

Yes, all these Eufy questions from owners should go to https://communitysecurity.eufylife.com/

and yes if not yet done then also email


If issues with Wifi, also invest equal effort on your router, check Wifi settings security match what the Eufy product can do, and no firewall blocking.

I know with the cameras that I got, I was close to the homebase. After that it showed a wifi strength meter helped to make sure I had a good location as I looked my my locations. As stated that if wifi is not strong, you may want to invest or try to move router and modem to a more centralized location.

I am assuming the floodlight would be similar.as above . If you are trying to connect it while it is already mounted, I would unmount it and take it close to router/modem. If it connects, you may want to move the router/modem to a better location or if old then upgrade it.

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All valid.

General radio / Wifi good practice;

Distance matters less than does the materials near each end and in between. Minimise metal near each end and minimise how much brick/concrete in between.

Move as much 2.4Ghz traffic to 5Ghz possible. There are only 3 non-overlapping 2.4Gh Wifi signals and if your camera / homebase is struggling against your own Wifi router and a 3rd source then you get congestion which causes unreliability, so reducing one’s own 2.4Gh Wifi use helps everything else.

A network analyser helps to a small degree, but what happens over time is as one neighbour uses more 2.4Ghz (usually at evening, streaming) then your Wifi router may change it’s channel and then overlap with that used by the camera and the camera then goes offline. I help folks with their Wifi and I make heavy use of 5Ghz Wifi for local in a room / area and Powerline (Etherner over eletrical wiring) to go between rooms / areas.

What cameras are doing is placing a 2.4Ghz radio signal outdoors, they see through air all the signals from neighbours and suffer accordingly.

Thanks everyone! I am new here and will post on the other community as well. The Floodlight does not have a homebase. It is connecting to the internet fine. It just keeps freezing when I am supposed to then connect to the floodlight itself. I have had numerous emails and phone calls with support and nothing has worked thus far.

Interesting checking the router strength. :grinning:
I got a house here, basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor.
All fine.
But I have to tell : not many “users” here.
The laptop in my lousy bureau in the ground floor is connected by cable.
My wife’s items, 1. floor are on WIFI.
And even in the 2 . floor the WIFI is perfect,
All who got probs with the connectivity should play around the router position.
Even a small move can help.
I did that really a lot.
Now its perfect.

Thanks for the update, with few owners you’re likely already talking with the right folks - support. They can do things like look at logs and try beta firmware, we can’t do.

Freezing, implies to me it is probaby a bug in firmware. Next thought is it can be Wifi issue where there is not enough radio spectrum to handle streaming, so do everything you can do free up spetrum which is primarily to look at the Wifi router location and use 5Ghz for as much as possible. Every device at home which you connect to a 5Ghz SSID frees up a channel to let those which must use to 2.4Ghz.

Most routers default setup have same SSID on 2.4Gh and 5Ghz. If so, then change the SSID for 5Ghz, then for every device which can do 5Ghz which can see the 5Ghz SSID, then forget the 2.4Ghz SSID and connect to 5Ghz SSID. Every device you move helps everything which can’t move.

Also move the Wifi router to maximum distance from metal, and in the direction towards the cam.