Floodlight toggles every 30s

My issue is the light constantly turns on and off every 30s (motion distance 1-3). If I increase motion distance to 5 the on time is greater and more random. If I change the light timer duration to 60s the light is constantly on. I can probably live with constantly on but not the 30s switching. My presence can alter this. I walked around in a circle near the light and it stayed on the whole time. If I stand still until it goes off then move I think it comes on before 30s. Initially I was confused about when I was triggering it and when it was just turning on so that part is a little fuzzy. Later I timed the turn on/off from inside at 30s.

Do the detection sensitivity and activity zone settings affect the floodlight coming on or just the motion distance setting under the light settings?
Does the 30s light toggling indicate anything specific about the setup or hardware?
I’ve got a wall mount install looking out on my driveway kind of at a 45 deg angle. There is a fair amount of shrubbery around the periphery but it’s been dead calm and no rain for several nights.