Floodlight support for the homebase 2?

Dear all,

Just bought a lot stuff from the eufy eco system and now I realized that the half of it is not integrated or working together.

Have a Doorbell + an indoor cam + homebase 2…all fine.
But bought as well 5 Floodlights and I can’t setup them with the homebase. So no Alxa support no scenarios. By leaving the house my wife or me need to activate each cam manually? Is this really the plan?

Please help! Hope there is a solution. Because I’m thinking of sending everything back…

Thanks and Cheers,

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Hi @dg.malek,

Thanks for letting us know the issue.
Sorry to let you know that floodlight camera is not compatible with Homebase 2 at current moment.
Eufy customer service team would be able to help you further as they are collecting feedbacks/suggestions from every customer to improve the product features. Please contact them at support@eufylife.com if you would like to give them a product suggestion about the issue you are currently facing.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience.
The Anker Community Team

Thanks for the prompt reply.

But is the homebase 2 support for floodlights already on the roadmap?

What would even help is an Alexa support for floodlights. Is this possible?

thanks for your support.


I am currently thinking of investing in eufy security cams. But something seems very fishy.

The floodlights cam is still not able to connect to the homebase 2. It has been promised to come Q4 2019 and still nothing has happened. Now they negate an answer: " collecting feedbacks/suggestions from every customer".

The company is nowhere answering the question, when its being asked over the past months. For me it seems that its not even anymore a question of ‘when’ but will it ever?

Can you please ensure a potential buyer, that the feature is actually rolled out in the near future. I dont want to hear its on the road map.

Best regards


Dear Eufy/Anker-Team,

any news on the Floodlight Homebase 2 support?
Would really appreciate some information or a solution here.

Thanks and regards,

Unless Eufy decides to make all their products Homebase compatible, and soon, as well as allow a master/slave relationship to multiple Homebase environments (which is very easy to happen to customers considering of how many different kits are being sold with Homebases) so you can arm/disarm all of them at once instead of individually (which absolutely makes no sense and I can’t believe they did not do since day one), I may have to return ALL my Eufy purchases by Jan 31 (and is a lot). Cause if that craziness with Homebases was to continue, I don’t see Eufy security surviving very long with such hodge podge of an incompatible ecosystem.

Still nothing, or?!
I think there will be no suitable way to control the whole bunch of stuff I bought from eufy…sad

Sad indeed that the company won’t at least respond. I too would like this feature and started down the Eufy security path thinking that the products were (or would become) part of the same ecosystem…


I am glad that I found this thread before committing to this brand for my home security.

It’s a shame about the lack of support though, as I was very eager to getting a solution with no subscriptions =(