Floodlight installation ... to next step


i want to install the fllodlight cam. When i try to add the new floodlight cam, so i have to select the installation out of america.

So iam at the step i have to plug the power in an push to the next step but it comes not the next step into the eufy security app.

I use the app into my android smartphone.

Why ??


@Chiquinho, could please you help me ask him to describe his problem in details in German? :wink:

Thank you in advance :+1:

Guten Morgen,
Du kannst mir gerne deine Probleme auf Deutsch schreiben.
Es scheint Probleme bei der Instalation der Kamera mit der App zu geben.
Wir bekommen das schon hin!

Beste Grüße

Thanks @Chiquinho :+1:

I understand @mactoolz is having some problem with the eufy app, but didn’t quite get what exactly the problem is.

Thank you for helping out.

Seems so :smiley: when following the installation steps with that app an error shows up.
He could take some screenshots.
I dont know the app and dont own such a camera.
But we will solve it, I am sure. :wink:

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