Floodlight camera floods activate on motion one time only

New Eufy floodlight camera installed. During daylight all functions seemed fine (manual light on/off, Android motion detection pop-ups, live video watching, recorded file playback, audio) during the day and I didn’t expect floods to activate during daylight. At night everything works EXCEPT the lights don’t turn on with motion. On the light setting menu Ambient is off, Motion light is on. Elsewhere, the motion detection setting is on. Motion test at night is good (but requires All rather than Human) and set fairly high on sensitivity. Camera is mounted high at about 11’ and needs to be aimed down as steeply as possible to cover desired area. What’s REALLY weird is that after I use the app to command a Restart, the motion activated floods turn on ONE TIME in response to motion and then stop being responsive. However the camera recordings and Android app pop-ups and other functions are still working so the underlying motion detection function still seems ok. Unit was purchased primarily for nighttime security functions and the surprise motion lighting effect is important (on full-time or on for ambient night hours aren’t wanted).

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