Flood Light Connection to Home Base or Other Smart Relays

Hello, I am a new eufy customer. I am have recently bought a eufy flood light camera and I am impressed by its capabilities. However due to the price I opted to buy a home station (with 2 C cameras) and multiple simple 30$ Motion sensors to cover the entire home plus the flood light in lieu of $2000 dollars in flood lights. The Beauty of the home base is it allows automations were a motion sensor can’t trigger the 2C camera sirens. However the sirens are not that loud when compared to the flood light sirens. I now realized that the home base is incompatible or non communicative with flood light and the option to trigger the flood lights alarm is not available in the home base automations tab. I was wondering if there was any way I can connect them? I need the loud siren. I have already had one home break in (While I was away and I usually am from this home) we’re they were disturbed by the flood light siren but attempted to re enter the home from a different angle we’re the the flood light had no reach, and although they triggered my PoE camera system and sensors lights they seemed un-phased by them. I just installed the motion detectors and 2C cameras but fear the low noise the wouldn’t wake up my neighbors might no phase them as well. Not that I am usually not in this home during the night and I can’t stay awake perpetually to the await a light notification. Please any help would be appreciated. At least do you guys allow third party automations ? I was thinking an automation that would maybe trigger an external speaker I can install with a siren. I know your hesitation to allow third party automation to protect from cyber security but it has netted you guys to fail in protecting from the real physical danger.

Bump. Same issue.

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