Flashlight design and features ideas

It is nice to see Anker constantly refining and improving the products. That being said I have a few friendly suggestions for their line of Flashlights. Here are some of the features I would like to see Incorporated into new rechargeable flashlight designs.

1.Larger and more batteries eg 26650 x2 long handle like new Boulder lc90
2.adjustable beam 1300 lumen reflector
3. Ipx7 rating
4. Easy access micro USB or type c recharge port
5.lcd screen to show power level and hours used
6.duel on off switches side and tail cap
7.SOS,strob, low, medium, high and (boost/extreme mode on a timer to prevent over heating)

If you have any additional ideas or would like to see this light made please comment.


  3. SNAP ON TRAFFIC directing wand/cone
  4. Battery status LEDs

Sounds like a couple of decent features
Most torches have adjustable beam and multi function (strobe, high, low) so they should be pretty standard.

I can’t see a torch having a screen though. I don’t have one of the rechargeable torches. My Anker LC40 just uses 3AAA batteries.

Do the rechargeable ones have LED indicators like on the PowerCore’s? That should be enough?

I am wondering where the charging port is if it’s not already easy access?

The lc40 and lc90 are not bright enough for my tastes and the lc130 is flood non adjustable beam. You do see the functionality of an lcd though right? Not sure if current models have led indicators. Either would work but the LCD would also be able to display hours used. The mode I want the most is extreme mode for brighter light when you really need it. Some extra slip on green and red lenses would be great for hunting as well. The charge port is currently located under the tail cap wich is great for water proofing but a little bit of a pain when recharging. I would like the charge port to be on the body of the light somewhere. Under a rubber plug.

Thanks for pointing out the title said fleshlight not flashlight :joy::joy::joy::joy:

LC40 can run off an 18650 also.


That title…

Given that Anker states the lumen leven and without a doubt in my mind they achieve it, maybe us you who is wanting more than what is p tree sented. Of course we always want more haha.

But I agree with the 3 or 4 different levels of brightness and strobe function. As for the lcd display, I have 2 flashlights that have it and honestly I never look at it so that’s a function that is a waste imo. Now a turbo brightness mode would be ideal but it drains so much of the battery u wouldn’t want it.

I remember a user getting one from a giveaway and then bringing it to Anker’s attention that people have photosensitive problems.

Hahaha I didn’t notice :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes but would then need an external charger. I’ve been there before. It’s easier to carry a spare pack of batteries.

Lol spell check… I’m not sure if they make protected 26650 cells so some sort of battery indicators wold be ideal to prevent battery over discharge. For people who use their light everyday I think this would be very useful imo. 1300 lumens on high maybe 1500 lumens on boost/extreme mode on a short timer to save battery and prevent over heating. Not sure what single led lumen limits are but the larger battery’s should help with output and battery life. Also not sure if it is possible to make an adjustable beam with multiple LEDs instead of relying on One LED to put out 1300+ lumens and be adjustable beam.

Probably shouldn’t buy a flashlight with strob if you have epilepsy.

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Lumens all depends on the type of led used and amount of power it requires, the biggest issue then becomes heat and being able to disipate that heat properly.
1 of my flashlights is advertised as being 1800 lumens capable, but at that high bight Ness the batteries almost always go into protect mode and kills power to the flashlight after about 5 minutes. So whenever I use that flashlight it stays on low or medium setting, not sure how many clips the Samsung battery can take before it gets burnt out. Moat people think a couple hundred lumens is bright enough so realistically there is no need for a flashlight with that much lumen unless your taking advantage of a broad search beam or focused beam to deliver all that brightness to a set spot

Most people never really use their flashlight and they sit in a drawer for emergencies. But for those that do more light never hurts. I would like both flood and spot capabilities. Six modes strobe, sos, Low, medium, high and boost mode on a 30second timer to prevent battery over drain and flashlight overheating as well as the other features I’ve mentioned. before would be my ideal qualities.

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There is already a thread for this as well New USB-C or USB-A flashlight

Similar, but not the same. I searched I always do. I like the power bank idea pretty sure it was mine on Another thread. But I abandon the idea thinking it would be silly to have a power bank/flashlight combo bc it would accomplish neither task very well as the flashlight would most likely use up the charge. But wanting to use the 26650cells that are 5000mah each would be able to store enough energy to both use the flashlight and have a decent power bank. I propose using two 26650 in a long handle version of the light giveing that user 10000 mAh and a super bright flood / spot light.

Edit. Actually I take that back I do see the benefit of a less powerful flashlight / battery Bank in addition to the larger more powerful version that I proposed to be carried in a backpack or purse and used in a pinch.

They need to go quickcharge and usb c on everything though as well. Those ideas are good, they reach out to the law enforcement and military communities.

Which is probably the largest flashlight Markets alongside Hunters. I agree type c needs to be implemented before it is obsolete. Great ideas on the type C Quick Charge I didn’t consider charge time with a larger battery. At this time I do not believe Anker makes a USB C to micro adapter or lightning cables so a USB-A port would also be needed to charge non USB c devices. But please correct me if I am wrong.

Red and blue strobe mode would also be good for police

They should come with the con attachment to make it into a torch

I don’t understand what you mean