Flashing blue light fault - help!

I was just listening to a song using my anker soundcore and I accidentally pushed the bluetooth button instead of the volume button. The music stopped and the blue light started flashing. Now it won’t reconnect to my device, it just says ‘connection unsuccessful’, and the blue light keeps flashing. I’ve tried turning it on and off, holding down the bluetooth button etc, nothing works. Any ideas?

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Hi @marthaelizabethmay , it sounds like it is caught in a pairing loop. Try the following;

  • Forget the speaker on your device’s Bluetooth menu
  • Press & hold the BT pairing button on your speaker for 5 seconds
  • Try to pair from your devices Bluetooth menu again

If the above fails to resolve, try to force a reset of all pairing records on the speaker by pressing & holding the BT pairing button for 2 sec while the speaker is in standby mode. Then try the pairing steps above again.


This is happening to my speaker, do I contact Amazon or you for help? Had it less than a year.

First, try to follow what @ndalby said in the previous post. That should solve the problem, but if that doesn’t work, then check the manual (which I’m pretty sure is provided), and if that provides no help (I don’t have this product, unfortunately :(, contact Anker.

That worked for me!

@ndalby those steps did not help me resolve the problem with the ongoing blue blinking for my Soundcore Spirit. Here’s what I tired:

  1. forget “Soundcore Spirit” device on iOS device
  2. disable and re-enabled bluetooth on iOS device
  3. Soundcore Spirit does show under “Other Devices” but when selecting it, after about 10-15 seconds a message appeared that pairing has timed out

A bit unsure how to get out of this dead end situation.