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Hello guys! I am planing to gift my girlfriend a anker powerbank, whats the best and more compact to use on a Iphone 7?

All sugesstions are welcome!


I have an 8 and used to have the 6 so I would recommend based on how much you are willing to spend and how much she uses it

The Astro e1 6700 is good for maybe two full charges and is about $15

The power core 2 10000 is about 3 full charges and runs at $22

The power core 20100 is one I have and personally like, it can give about 7-8 full charges and is $30

If you don’t mind spending a pretty penny then I recommend the Power core + 20100 USB C. It’s probbably my favorite and is my edc battery that I don’t leave the house without. At $65 it is one of the most expensive Anker batteries though it has the most functionality since it can charge not only tablets and phone but laptops that have usb c too. It can charge my Mac book pro 2017 which is something I really like and the sleek aluminum body and 10 led button is great.


Powercore slim II 10000. Nice compact and light perfect For every woman…trust me ask my wife :wink: (she took my first one)

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How many recharges do you want? <1 ? 1? >1?

The smallest most compact to be recharging the phone with the Powercore connected and using the iphone at the same time is the Powercore 5000 Slim. It is basically flat smooth on the side you press up against the rear of the iphone and rounded on the back so you can hold the Powercore under the iphone.

The most compact “full stop” is the Powercore+ Mini, less than the 5000 Slim, but its has so little capacity and only 1A input and 1A output its for emergency purse contexts.

Probably the next one up is the Powercore 6700, then the 10000 Slim.

Probably the best option is the 5000 Slim, for keeping with the iphone. Then also get something bigger to keep in addition / instead for when shape / size is not important.

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The slim above is great if you don’t need to recharge your phone loads and should last a day or as others say. The PowerCore II 10000 is a great little beauty. My wife always takes this from our selection.

It also depends on which power capacity you want her to have. My suggestion would be the PowerCore 10000 mAh

PowerCore II Slim 10000, awesome little charger.
This is it next to my S8 for comparison

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The PowerCore Slim 5000 comes to the rescue. https://www.anker.com/products/variant/PowerCore-Slim-5000/A1250011

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If it’s going on her purse, I recommend the power fusion 5000. It’s a 2 in 1 charger & power bank. I think this is the best bang for your buck. Probably only get 1-2 charges.

If it’s going in her backpack, I recommend the Anker powerpack. It comes with the 10500 power bank, a 4 port charger, 1 lighting cable, 1 micro usb cable, and pouch for everything. This is the most complete item/package and I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. Probably get 3-4 charges.

If it’s going in her luggage, I would recommend the 20100 usb-c. It’s a beast, can charge androids, iPhones, tablets, and even a MacBook. It’s just hella bulky. Probably get 7-8 charges.

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Agreed ! This charger has a cool format.

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I do love this charger but if they could add wireless charging to it, it would be amazing. Especially with the size format of it as you said

You would need to almost double it’s capacity if it were to offer a wireless function as there would be a lot if power loss