Flare+ power on sound. Can It be disabled?

Why is it that every bluetooth speaker has to announce that it just powered on? I have LEDs for that purpose, and power on jingle serves no purpose beside obnoxiousness. I live in a quiet environment and often listen quietly to sleep. So I put it on the night stand, turn it on and then it goes “Wassup maff?!”. Is it really necessary? On the plus side, Flare+ is miles better in that than my Flip 3 which really wants everyone to know that it’s on and it’s ready to make some noise. Which was the only reason I started looking for a new speaker.

So, after venting my frustration, can I somehow turn it off? I assume that you won’t add this function if it’s not here already.

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It can not be disabled.
You have to take it as it is.

But remember there are much more severe problems now.
Take care of you!

As @chiquinho has said you can’t turn it off, but if you are listening to it at night have you looked into getting the wakey alarm clock speaker?

Unfortunately the Wakey suffers the same fate, bings and bongs for most things you do.
It’s almost a deal breaker for me.
When I’m changing work patterns it makes annoying sync sounds when connecting via Bluetooth.
Not a problem if I change the alarm times early in the evening but more often the other half is already in bed asleep I find I turn the Wakey off and set an alarm on my phone instead.

Hey @Pawel_Be_Bilazaurus
I struggle with this on the Wakey bedside alarm charger.
It also annoys me, but to a lesser extent, on the Boost 20w speaker I have.

That really disappointing.

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I think they all have a power on sound