Flare Mini has arrived!

Just a quick note to say thank you to @AnkerOfficial - my flare mini has arrived! I’m currently on a boat in the Irish Sea but will get to see the Mini on Monday. Can’t wait!

I also bought a Soundcore Motion+ for myself so it will be interesting to compare the two new speakers.

I’ll post a full review on here of the Flare Mini very soon.

Thanks again @AnkerOfficial



We are waiting.
How is the Irish sea?
Hope not to rough.
Take an irish wiskey.
“sláinte” from Munich

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Hope you enjoy your speakers and looking forward to your review.

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Quick note to say thank you to @AnkerOfficial for the test unit of the Soundcore Flare Mini. Will be writing a full review tonight, but for now just wanted to say I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by this little speaker. It’s an absolute gem!

Here’s a link to a little tweet of me enjoying this little beauty!

Write I’m off to write the full review…


Hey guys! My full review is now here…