Flare mini: $10 off on Amazon with coupon

Hey, just thought I would share this deal I found on Amazon. Likely can get the same deal if not better on Prime day but just in case you can’t wait 10 days. :wink:



Thanks for sharing this deal! I still don’t know if it’s better than the flare for that price :thinking:

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Much more suitable price with that discount.

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Good discount, still waiting on a BIGGER discount lol

thanks for sharing this

Need at least $20 off for it to be worth it

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My thoughts exactly

Thanks for sharing!

I saw that on Amazon today but I’m hoping for a bigger deal.

Thanks for sharing :+1:

Nice share :muscle:t2:

Nice! Thanks for sharing with us :ok_hand:t2:

Nice deal for US users :confused: mabey us Brit’s can get a sweet sweet coupon :hugs:

The Flare Mini is TINY! It’s so cute next to the Flare and sounds great! The only thing I wish it had were controls from the Soundcore app.

You bought it?

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Not exactly, I was gifted one. I had it playing last night while we ate dinner in the backyard. I’ll be leaving a review for it soon. It’s nice and portable! It does not have a strap. That would also have been something nice to have with it too

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@TheCharneco I can’t wait for your review. Please include a pic of both the Flare next to the Mini. Is the mini as good as it’s father? Or should it be disowned? LOL :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been eyeballing the Flares but didn’t want a big speaker so when the Mini was announced, I was screaming … “Ni! Ni Ni!” HAHAHA. Or was it, “Me! Me! Me?”


The flare is small enough for any use which is why I don’t think the mini is all the special…

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So which would you use more often? Flare or mini?

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I think I need to clarify that I have the Flare+, which I guess is bigger than the Flare. So you can really see the size difference between the + and the Mini.

Hahaha! Ni! :wink: I’ll try to get it up next week or even this weekend if I can and will include pictures. The “father” definitely has a louder and slightly richer sound as well as the ability to turn off the Bass-Up, but the mini still sounds great and is plenty loud with quality sound to provide good sounding music in a backyard.

As far as which I’d use more often goes, that’s a tough one. Both are relatively small and easy to transport. The Mini is more pocketable if you have a jacket, purse, or bag. Like @TechMan said, “the Flare is small enough”, which is true. I guess, in the end, it really depends on what you’ll be using it for. If it’s just for bedroom use and smaller spaces, the Mini for sure. If you’re trying to get sound in an entire backyard or home, then maybe the Flare. However, you can pair two Minis together for stereo sound and cover a really large area with that. Price-wise, you can get two Minis (after the discount) for $80, two Flares for $109, or two Flare+s for $160 (after applying the $20 Amazon discount).

Like I said, it really depends on what you plan on using it for. If it’s just for around the house type stuff, I’d go with the Mini or the Flare. The blue Flare is currently 15% off right now for $51.