Flare delay

Hi, my Flare has a delay. I understand and accept some sort of delay over Bluetooth, but today I plugged in my mini guitar amp via a cable and experienced a pretty long delay, enough to make the guitar unplayable. I wouldn’t have expected a delay when using a cable, is this normal?

Could you be more specific on how long this delay is?

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The biggest issue is not with the speaker but trying to get the speaker to process the sound from the amp. A quick search inline brings up a number if issues and most say to use software to reduce the lag but that means hooking up to a computer as well. One solution I came across was to plug right into the headphone out of your pedal and that may reduce the lag but not all eliminate it. Do a search on the gutar forums for different solutions because there are a lot and I don’t know which would work for you

Thanks for the replies, sorry, been away.
The delay I’m getting is about quarter of a second, just long enough to be off putting. I’m using a vox amplug so there is only a headphone out. If I plug it into my original Anker Soundcore there is no delay.
I’m guessing the Flare uses more signal processing than the Soundcore, therefore making it unsuitable for my purposes. Pity.

Just bought the Flare and it has a serious delay even when connected through an aux cable. If you are playing music and the flare connected with other speakers, the Flare will be a step slower and would sound like an unwanted echo. Does Anker have a solution for this?