Flare + charging issue

When i plug in to charge the Flare + the red light goes on and it starts charging however when it gets to 80% the red light goes off and its stops charging. Ive tried this with multiple chargers…any ideas?

You mentioned that you tried multiple charges but have you also tried other cables?

you can also try a reset of the speaker itself although I’m not sure how this is done I’m not sure if it’s a button combination or if like the power Banks you can physically plug the output Port into the input port.

Yes i have tried different cables. I do not know how to reset the speaker. Waiting to hear back from Anker…hope this is just a 1 time issue and not with all Anker + cause i really like it

When you do hear back please share Anker reset method for this speaker.

It was mentioned somewhere awhile ago that to reset the Flare, you press the power button until the light changes from white to orange. Give that a try to see if it’ll reset it. Hope that does the trick. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a response from SoundCore.

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I would reset it.

Yes but how?

I would try these methods-holding the power and bluetooth buttons-holding the bluetooth and volume down button-holding the power and volume down.

Also, is the charging port clean?

If you have a can of air, give a quick short blast.

Thank you for your help. I pressed the bluetooth and power button at the same time and it seemed to do the trick… it now says 100%. Hopefully it won’t happen again

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After 1 song it went back to 80%

Is the firmware up to date?

This is how you can update the firmware.

Maybe you just have a defective unit