Flare 2 Lightning deal

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Another great deal @ktkundy

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Nice deal. If any one doesn’t have an Amazon credit card, I suggest you get it. You get 5% back on all of your Amazon purchases. Plus, you may get a $60 as shown in the above picture.

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Here in the UK the Amazon credit card is with New Day, they are a bit of a nightmare to deal with by all accounts! Hopefully run by a different company in the US @chrisjwaggoner
What people here find is they don’t get the money off/Amazon credit instantly. Here it seems they credit your Amazon account once you receive and register/activate the card.
Also it takes 6 weeks for New Day to set the direct debit up and users get a non payment charge at the end of the first month.
So buyers beware, its not run and managed by Amazon (at least not here in the UK)

Looks like this one is expired now.

Beautiful discount

Dang. Yeah in the US it is Synchrony Bank that runs it. Here it will let you either credit your credit card balance or utilize that amount on your next purchase (which then you lose out on getting 5% back on that next purchase). I always redeem it towards paying a portion of the statement balance.

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